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Feebo ERP

Feebo ERP

Our flagship brand, FEEBO is a web based ERP Software Solution for small and medium entities providing preferred alternate to the traditional on premise licensing model. Launched in year 2005, FEEBO ERP is designed by our expert team, keeping in mind today’s dynamic business needs. It is one of the most cost effective, easier and quicker solutions to accelerate your business cycle, enhance productivity and ensure 100% transparency and accuracy in operations. From superior software functionality and a proven ERP implementation methodology, FEEBO ERP delivers software and service offerings which are unique and efficient. FEEBO provides real-time information about a gamut of enterprise functions like purchase, finance, order management, production, inventory, personnel management, supply chain etc. The objectives of FEEBO ERP are to provide hassle free sharing of information, smoother integration and efficient coordination between various departments/functions to move towards common organizational goals.

Features of Feebo:

  • As developed in Microsoft .Net Framework and SQL Server or Oracle as database , it runs on most popular database systems

  • It’s multi user with access rights and secure system

  • Has customized dashboards and reporting structure

  • Integrates well with hand-held devices like Bar-code readers, RFID, Weighbridges, Attendance recorders, Bio metric systems, process control machines,

  • Provision for currency hedging and establishing accountability of monthly Forex gain / loss

  • Ability to generate and send Emails / SMS alerts as per the requirement of work flow

  • Facility to embed the use of pre-built Business Analytics for decision support

  • FEEBO ERP provides facility to attach external documents at the transaction level

  • Superior quality control and reliabilit y with the use of Maker à Checker concept.

  • It enables user to incorporate quality assurance systems, generate test results..


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP has been around the world for quite sometime. By implementing an ERP software improves the efficiency, provides a clear view on productivity and growth. Here are important reasons why growing businesses need 

  • Finance & Accounts Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Sales & Distribution Management

  • Manufacturing Resources Management

  • Payroll & Leave Management

 Finance & Accounts Management:

For any organization it is imperative to have a systematic finance & account management process. FEEBO ERP’s Finance & accounting module takes care of all your financial and accounting needs and reflects company’s financial position at any point of time. You can get advantage of its complete range of functionality, from core accounting to advanced financial management, including budgeting and consolidations Its accounting module incorporates minutest details of all your financial transactions such as Voucher entry, Credit/Debit entry, Cash/Bank receipts, Cash/Bank Payment, Bank Reconciliation statements, Bill verification etc. The module is truly designed for automated management and reporting of general ledger, accounts receivables, accounts payable, cash / bank management and other sub ledger accounts with a pre-defined set of accounting and financial management charts.

The F & A module of FEEBO ERP has all the required features for budgeting and variance analysis giving management better control over expenses and income. Module’s inherent quality to showcase the sources of funds and the application of those funds allows mangers to keep an eye on the issue of fund manipulation. User can also carry out ratio analysis and draw important inferences for significant financial decisions. The module’s highly organized and full- fledged nature help top management to focus on data analysis rather than data entry with unparallel flexibility and control.


  • n -level chart of accounts

  • General Ledger

  • Receivables and payable

  • Consolidation of accounts

  • Aging on Receivables and Parables

  • MIS- Balance Sheet, P&L, Trial Balance, Cash Flow etc

  • Cost Center wise Reportings

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank /Cash/Contra/Journal/Sales/Purchase Voucher

  • Asset /Depreciation and Asset Log management

  • Tax Structure Management of Purchase and Sales Goods

  • Budget Management

  • EXCISE Reports : RG 23A I/II , RG 23C 1/II , RG-1, ER-1, DUTY REGISTER,
    Annexure 6 , Annexure II ,ARE-I

  • VAT Reports : 201A/201B/201C, 3B Purchase , 3B Sales , 402

  • FRM Dashboard

 Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Supply chain management is not an isolated discipline itself; rather it’s a part of the business as a whole, with multiple dependencies between finance, manufacturing, inventory, purchasing and sales. FEEBO ERP’s SCM module is tailor made of small and medium manufacturing / Tradingfirms to help them optimize their supply chain function. It’s functionalities gives you everything you need to monitor production process, to increase manufacturing output, to maintain optimum level of inventory, streamline the order to cash process and synchronize supply with demand. FEEBO SCM Module further empowers you to manage multi-site logistics for materials visibility & coordination, continuous quality checking (QC), return of defective goods, manage supplier payment schedules there by getting overall visibility of your business. With its automated features and real-time information, thoe who are at the helm of supply chain function can make better informed business decisions more efficiently.


  • Multi-location Inventory Management

  • Inter / Intra -branch stock transfer

  • Warehouse management

  • Fast moving, slow moving, Non-Moving Stock

  • Stock valuation on FIFO

  • Accounting of Third party charges for stock valuation

  • Project based material consumption.

  • RFQ / Quotation Registration, Cost Comparative Statement / Bought out Quantity Approval /
    Purchase order management

  • Amendment of Purchase Order

  • Item level Tolerance for PO item.

  • Pending Indent / Pending PO/ Pending Bill Passing

  • Stock Statement / Summary / Stock Card

  • Supplier wise Item / item wise supplier purchase 

  • Supplier wise Item / item wise supplier purchase

  • Item Purchased by Various Suppliers

  • Manual Indent / ROP Indent

  • Purchase Bill Passing on basis on QC Accepted Material

  • SCM Dashboard

 Sales & Distribution Management:

Sales and Distribution are the backbone of any organization being the only revenue center. FEEBO ERP’s sales module comprises of pre sales module, sales order processing management, and dispatch operations to payment collection functions. It helps you to automate, and streamline all these activities with ability to take immediate actions to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness. Right from generation of sales to contacting them, all the pre sales activities can be recorded easily. Further, this module has the all the features for actual sales realization to dispatch of material to customer. The tedious job of payment collection becomes smoother with the use of this module as , executives are able to contact customers and follow-up each and every sale invoice and receive payments for such invoices at regular interval without any hassles.

Our sales module also looks after customer retention, improving customer loyalty and gaining customer insight through efficient flow of information. The module integrates seamlessly with other modules to give complete view of business cycle, identify sales opportunities, speed up payment collection and customer centric business model.


  • Handling of Inquiry Quotation, Quotation analysis, Sales orders, etc

  • Territory / Sales Representative definition

  • Warehouse management

  • Dispatch advise

  • Order Amendment

  • Proforma Invoice generation

  • Invoicing for Material Supply

  • Invoicing for services

  • TAX management

  • Custom Invoice / Packing list

  • Excise invoice / Packing List

  • Commercial Invoice / Payment List

  • Customer wise item sales / Item sold to various customer

  • Sales Return

  • CRM Dashboard

 Manufacturing Resources Management:

Manufacturing module is very essential for manufacturing firms who are into any kind of production process, i.e. transforming inputs (raw materials or intermediate goods) to outputs (products or other intermediate goods). With the increasing volatility of the market, shrinking product life cycles, and fluctuating customer needs, it has become mandatory for manufacturing firms to implement a robust mechanism that can help them to get synchronies every aspect of production planning seamlessly. The key function of FEEBO ERP is in line with the function of the Inventory management module. This includes providing exact information regarding raw material planning, WIP planning, procurement planning, production schedules, and order processing etc based on which entire production cycle is optimized.

FEEBO’s Manufacturing module plays a key role in keeping track of production process wherein on receiving work order; certain amounts of inputs are transformed to certain amounts of outputs, changing stock level of both inputs and outputs simultaneously to provide live stock update. Our PPC module monitors and controls the entire product life cycle consisting of numerous elements as a cohesive process to ensure that the final product meets the requisite specifications through its automated workflow mechanism. This module is comprises of rich features providing a wide spectrum of capacity which are designed to give customized solutions in the most simple and efficient manner.


  • Raw material consumed based on BOM

  • Shop floor Management

  • Product costing

  • Muli Level Bill of materials / Recipe Mgmt.

  • Routing Definition

  • Resources used Production Order Wise

  • Batch Management

  • Job Work Management

  • Actual Material used Vs Defined BOM variance

  • Lot /Batch level Tracking of Finished goods.

  • QC for Inward material/ Production Material

  • Details QC for Report for Finished Goods

 Payroll & Leave Management:

FEEBO ERP’s HR Module covers a comprehensive range of tools to help manage everyday tasks more effectively, and gain greater insight into the organization’s personnel and payroll processes. We provide fully integrated functionality and features enabling HR and payroll departments to access, process, manage and operate various facets of employee management and payroll functions. Our comprehensive range of HR tools is aimed to help HR team to perform their roles with ease. Complete employee database along with real time integration of Jobs, Time-sheets, Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll Processing etc within FEEBO ERP lets HR managers to better measure, apprise, reward, motivate and increase their employees’ productivity as they can track, measure and respond immediately. 

FEEBO’s HR module allows seamless work flow resulting in reduced duplication, minimizing the time spent by staff on day-to-day co-ordination and administration. Facility to generate various reports and use of analytical tools assist top management in getting deeper insight into an organization’s resources at the touch of the button.


  • Payroll Processing

  • Salary transfer letter / statement to bank

  • Leave Management

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